Although it is against the law, inmates in Moldovan prisons continue to receive prohibited substances and objects from their relatives and friends.

Over the past 24 hours, three such cases were revealed in penitentiaries of Cricova and Cahul.

Thus, the brother of a detainee in Cricova tried to give him 2.210 lei during a meeting that they were supposed to have. The money was found in the back pocket of his trousers following a body search. The money had to reach a prisoner of 29 years, sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment.


Two other attempts to transmit prohibited substances were registered in Cahul Prison. Two objects, wrapped in adhesive tape, were thrown over the walls of the detention center and subsequently noticed by the head guard. Cahul police arrived at the site, they found that the objects contained green vegetable substance similar to marijuana and some brown vegetable matter of unknown origin.



The substances were forwarded to law enforcement agencies to carry out an expertise and gather evidence necessary to initiate criminal cases.

It should be noted that similar attempts are recorded in prisons on a weekly basis.

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