Ilan Shor remains behind bars. The Buiucani Court magistrates decided that the Mayor of Orhei be placed in custody.

The Orhei mayor was not present at the hearing citing health problems; he was represented by two lawyers.

The decision was made a few minutes ago. The crowd protesting against the Buiucani Sector Court received the news with indignation.

The prosecutor Adriana Betisor declared: "Ilan Shor is accused of scams and money laundering in extremely large proportions; these crimes were committed during the period when he was the president of the Administrative Council of the Bank de Economii. I asked for this measure so that the accused cannot influence the people we work with, citing them at the NAC. Regarding the case of Vladimir Filat we work there and move further".

"We’ve got the motivated decision of the court, and we are dissatisfied with this decision, there is no reason for Ilan Shor to be held 30 days behind bars. Mr. Shor is unwilling to participate in this show organized by the Anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, given that he already has a preventive measure which he did not violate", said the businessman's lawyers.

Ilan Shor's defenders say they will appeal to the Court of Appeal the decision of the Buiucani sector Court.

Shor was detained for 72 hours on Wednesday in a new case opened on his name for tax evasion and money laundering in large proportions.

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