The General Police Inspectorate announced the arrest of two members of criminal group, specializing in the organization of illegal migration of moldovans to Israel.

After 4 months of investigation the employees of the center against illegal migration of National Investigation Inspectorate together with the General Prosecutor’s Office found that the criminal groups operated for over 5 years.

Two legal agencies for placement in Israel were involved in the scheme. The founders and leaders of these agencies were members of criminal groups and one them acted like a priest.

Documentele pentru migrație ilegală.pngNew employees were recruited by old clients or reliable partners. During one year the criminals managed to recruit about 300 people. Migrants flied to Israel with fake IDs and a visa obtained in Kiev.

The criminals got 6500-7000 dollars for their services and shared with the partners in Israel.

15 searches were held at the houses, in the cars and at workplaces of suspects. So there were found many pieces of evidence of the crime according to art.326/1 p.3 of the Criminal Code of Moldova.

A criminal case is commenced and the investigation continues.

The accused persons risk to pay a fine of 16 000 to 20 000 lei or may be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 5 to 7 years.

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