Members of Security and Intelligence Service (SIS), the Customs Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs published on anticorupţ an article about the violations of supervision of the transportation of anabolic substances and also attracted the media to carry out investigations.

The competent authorities tried to verify the transaction with anabolics, but were pressed by members of the government. The reason is probably that there are involved big money.

Снимок экрана 2016-03-03 в 13.31.21.pngThe authors of the check argue that the amounts detected on February 7, 2016 are far from a record.

Earlier it was reported that customs officers found 15 bags of mail with 387 parcels in form of books, which in fact were anabolics (steroids for athletes), manufactured in clandestine laboratories in Moldova.

Anabolic substances are very popular among athletes who want to increase the muscle mass. Anyway the production and the trade of these substances is banned in the countries of European Union, in a variety of CIS countries and in the US. The legal status of anabolics in the Republic of Moldova is still not clear.

Great amounts were invested in the production and distribution of anabolic substances. The cost of 1 bag is 50 thousand euros. During one flight 5-6 bags were departed, the value of which, taking into account the payment of postal services was about 250-300 thousand euro. There were accomplished 3 such shipments a week, the investment was about 600-900 thousand euro. The profit from one bag of anabolic steroids was about 150 thousand euro. The weekly income was, respectively, over 1.5-2.2 million euro.

The largest number was 22 bags with the profit about 22 million euro.

The authors also published a list of potential manufacturers of anabolic steroids: JSC «Balcan Pharma», «Vermodje», «Farmcomplex Prim».

The company «Balkan Pharmaceuticals» was founded in 2006 and registered in the name of Kyru Silviu-Florin. In 2011 it won 100 tenders for procurement and concluded contracts with a number of medical institutions of the country. The total amount of purchases amounted about 22 million lei. The company was involved in a public scandal and threatened to leave Moldova when the Parliament discussed the ban on the production of anabolic steroids.

The last two companies «Vermodje» and «Farmcomplex Prim» are registered in the names of Bets Zinaida and Cazacu Vasile.

There was also published a list of preparations containing anabolic substances.

Снимок экрана 2016-03-03 в 13.23.43.png


On anticorupţ we can find that the most important persons in the scheme were employees of customs control at the airport, airport police, the Border Guard Service of Mail Moldova and others (director of «BodyBuilding», co-owner of the night club «Paradise» and politicians).

The final destination of anabolic steroids were Israel, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the USA, Australia, the EU and mostly Romania.

Ways to solve the problem

The authors argue that in order to solve the problem they need many documents: customs declarations, sender addresses, etc.

The police and customs officers, who refuse to take part in the scheme were persecuted and threats of dismissal or transfer to other institutions.

The authors asked the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Internal Affairs to investigate the situation at the airport and its subordinate institutions.

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