A man and a woman have been sentenced to jail, as investigation found that three years ago, they threw a young woman from the 9th floor of a block of flats.

Initially, a criminal case for suicide was opened with this respect, but when the prosecutors studied all the evidence, they established that two people threw the young woman out of the window.

The young woman was from the village of Farladeni, Causeni District and came from a family with eight children. Three years ago, the neighbors claimed that she stayed with a family and took care of their child over the summer. All the neighbors said that she had been very quiet and had never been seen in the company of a young man. However, the police detected traces of bruises on the body of the young girl and said that she had been beaten by her boyfriend.

Also in 2013, neighbors supposed that most likely the young woman was thrown out of the window by the woman who lived there. According to them, she often consumed alcohol and was sending the girl to fetch some.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office of Botanica District, Chisinau, on the morning of 29 September 2013, the victim, aged 18, was in the house where she temporally lived, taking care of the owner's child. The host and a young man started beating her because the victim had left the child unattended, after that, they pushed the victim and threw her out of the window, the girl died instantly.

The defendants have been recently sentenced to 17 and 18 years of imprisonment for committing an intentional murder with particular cruelty.

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