A man of 48 years, residing in Anenii Noi suspected of sexual exploitation, was arrested for 30 days.

 General Inspectorate of Police informs that following documentation about half a year, employees of the Centre for Combating Human Trafficking of the National Inspectorate of Investigation jointly with the Information and Security Service and Prosecutor's Office to combat organized crime and special causes, have determined that the man time had sexual relationships with three minors aged 11, 14 and 15, which are part of vulnerable families.

 Similarly, investigations on the case have noted that, to achieve his criminal goal, the offender would identify potential victims in vulnerable environment, recruit them by deceit and abuse of vulnerability, and at the same time, buy them expensive gifts and and granted them funds.

 At the same time, the investigations have established that the suspect in the period of 2015, through deception, obtaining the parental consent of one of the victims, moved to the Russian Federation in the Tyumen region, where she again has been subjected to sexual abuse.

 Thus, as a result of the raids at the home of the suspect, evidence on the case was found, which will allow sending of the criminal case to court.

 If the man is proven guilty, he risks imprisonment for 3-7 years. 

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