The investigation officers dealing with economic fraud in the Râşcani sector of the capital city, found some serious irregularities in the actions of the decision makers of one of the companies from the capital, resulting in tax evasion.

According to prosecutors, the company's activity consists in providing payment services, issuing and redemption of electronic money, managed through different web pages, without a license issued by the National Bank of Moldova.

Also, the law enforcement authorities found that the virtual accounts from the electronic payment system, managed by the decision makers of the company, recorded a high volume of dubious financial resources, transacted by various unidentified individuals and businesses, their accounts and taxes information to the state budged being hidden.

The press officer of the Capital Police  Adrian Jovmir, said that during the period 2015 - 2016 the management of the company has not registered any purchases or deliveries based on invoices regarding payment services through electronic money. Recordings of this kind of transactions were intentionally hidden from the tax authorities. Jovmir said: “Nobody has been arrested so far. The police are investigating the case to determine all the circumstances of the offense, then the decisions will be made.”

Following the authorized searches carried out at the company’s premises, there were found and seized computing devices, electronic information carriers, media storage servers, electronics, suspicious banking cards, and financial resources of 12 000 US dollars and 5960 euros. All these things were obtained through illegal actions.

A criminal investigation was initiated on this case for tax evasion in enterprises and organizations that provides for a fine of 40 000 60 000 lei lei or imprisonment up to 3 years.

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