The founder of a company in mun. Balti, 40, was detained by police and is being investigated in freedom on suspicion of economic fraud.

Economic fraud investigation service employees of the North Directorate of National Inspectorate of Investigation, joined by PI Balti, documented a fraudulent activity of a man for two months. Following investigations it was established that in 2014 he founded a company specializing in retail and real estate rental of his own.

 According to law enforcements, from the founding of the company until now, enormous financial means have been used, directeded to the construction of a shopping center located in mun. Balti, money resulted from criminal activity.

 The funds for the construction were illegally obtained by applying a thoughtful scheme by undeclaring the volume of the income earned and without paying the appropriate taxes.

 Similarly, the "businessman" has clothing marketing points, acting on the basis of patent contractor and are located in a commercial market in Balti. Through these, goods are traded in large volumes without calculation and payment of taxes, which directly harms the interests and the state budget.

 The merchandise is brought in the country through smuggling, but also through the enterprise of "cargo", which issues a tax bill with a reduced price, which substantially influences and promotes black marketing and not declaring the income.

 In the raids conducted by law enforcement agencies, in the commercial units, residence and transport of the suspect was detected industrial merchandise in the range of about one million MDL, without having documents of legal origin, invoices, payment orders and also draft documents that prove tax evasion. 

In this case  was initiated a criminal case for "tax evasion of enterprises, institutions and organizations", and the man risks a fine of MDL 60.000 to 100.000 or imprisonment up to six years.

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