One month after the murder of Moldovan girl Irina Bacal, pregnant in her sixth month, the result of the DNA test was made public.

The results showed that Mihail Savciuc, who committed the crime, is the father of the baby Irina was pregnant with. Following these new details, Savciuc may be accused of deliberate murder.

At the same time, the investigators came into possession of video footage, recorded by surveillance cameras, which explains why the assassin's coat had no evidence. According to the information, Savciuc changed his dirty clothes after he committed the macabre crime, writes

Prosecutors continue to gather evidence to complete the entire crime puzzler.

Recall that recently the police also found some traces of blood in Savciuc's car.

Irina Bacal was murdered on March 19 by Mihail Savciuc. He strangled her because she was pregnant. Its inanimate body was thrown into a river and covered with branches.

Savciuc admitted  his guilt and is currently in prison for detainees charged with particularly serious crimes or sexual offenses.

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