The offender Vitalie Proca, sentenced to 21 years of imprisonment for attempted murder that alerted authorities in Romania, breaks the silence and makes revelations about his case. 

Proca serves his sentence in Rahova Prison.  He has been suffering from several diseases, including TB for 16 years and two forms of hepatitis and a second-degree disability, informs. 

Given the health problems he has, Proca declares his is "sentenced to death". 

"I am a former criminal, with criminal records in the past, but those deeds were committed 20 years ago, I served my sentence in full for them.

I can say I saw Renato Usatii on TV and he is a presidential candidate." 

Proca claims this, although journalists from Rise have revealed that Usatii was directly involved in Proca’s attempt to kill the businessperson Gherman Gorbuntov in London. You can watch the documentary  However, Proca claims that a year ago some ‘important’ people came to him and proposed to drive Usatii into a corner "I was offered a deal, let’s say, that I take an act on me and I benefit from my transfer to Moldova".

Additionally, Proca denied that he had shot Isaila in Bucharest and declared that he was a good friend of Puiu Mironescu. 
"I first met Mararu brothers in February 2014, because I was in Rahova and they were in Rahova. 

That man (Puiu Mironescu) and I are like friends, we talk, we greet each other," Proca declared for

The offender has nothing to do than to serve his sentence in the Romanian prison and wait for the release.

"I’m buried alive in conviction, it torments my soul. It’s not the jail that torments me, but the thought that I will never see them, I will never come back. In my case, I will not come back, in deed," Proca said.

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