The criminal authority Oleg Pruteanu, aka Borman, is accused by the law enforcers of the Russian Federation of creating and managing a criminal group and drug trafficking.

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated a criminal case against Pruteanu and other members of a transnational criminal group, who had trafficked drugs from North Africa. According to the available information, the group transported large batches of drugs across Europe and the Baltic region, and then the substances were marketed in the CIS countries, including the Russian Federation.

Following the investigative operations, which began in August 2012 and have lasted until now, law enforcement officials have taken over 800 kilos of hashish out of the circulation.

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Irina Volk, said Russian law enforcers had collaborated with law enforcement authorities of Moldova, Belarus and the Kingdom of Spain. They organized a special operation that resulted in the arrest and conviction of more than 40 people, involved in international drug trafficking.

Following numerous investigations, law enforcers of the Russian Federation have determined that the main culprit and the leader of the whole business is Oleg Pruteanu, who has repeatedly been convicted of numerous crimes.

Volk mentions that the criminal authority specialized in international drug trade, coordination of a large-scale drug trafficking network, established close relations with the leaders of the criminal world, sharing their incomes and sphere of influence.

Oleg Borman was detained by Moldovan law enforcement officials on October 1 in a case filed for drug trafficking.

Prosecutors charge Borman with the organization of international drug trafficking from Morocco to Russia. According to the information, the drugs were brought from Morocco to Portugal, where they were purchased by Borman's clan for the amount of 800-1200 euros per kilogram, depending on their quality, then transported to the Russian Federation and sold for 2500 euros per kilogram.

According to his lawyer, Pruteanu is not guilty and the case is made to order.

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