The SDP leader Liviu Dragnea was heard today, November 13, at the National Anticorruption Directorate (NAD). Both, at the entrance to the NAD and at the exit, Dragnea was applauded by the members and supporters of the party he is leading. They did not miss the opponents who blasted the SDP president.

Liviu Dragnea left the institution in less than an hour and refused to give statements to journalists. Several gendarmes have been mobilized in front of the NAD, who surrounded Dragnea to limit access of the press.

According to sources, the SDP leader was heard in the Tel Drum case. A proof of this is that today, the NAD also quoted Marian Fişcuci, the former manager of Tel Drum.

According to other sources, Dragnea is suspected of setting up an organized criminal group, abuse of office and fraud with European funds while at CJ Teleorman.

The SDP leader is targeted in several NAD-initiated case, including the Belina file on the transfer of Paul and Belina from state ownership to that of the Teleorman County Council, the Tel Drum file and a file initiated following a Rise Project investigation into the existence of some business of Liviu Dragnea in Brazil.

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