A man, aged 50, was found dead in a landfill near the village of Fetesti, Edineţ, according to jurnal.md. He had been beaten to death by two individuals, who drank with him.

According to the source, the crime occurred on Wednesday evening, near a cliff in the vicinity of the village. The victim consumed alcohol with two companions, and suddenly, there arose a conflict. The suspects beat the man, until he lost consciousness.

Believing that the man died, the suspects loaded him into a cart and threw him in a dump near the village. Multiple injuries caused the man’s death. His body was discovered on Thursday afternoon by a local resident.

Soon, the officials found the suspects. They turned out to be two men, aged 19 and 31.

The suspects were detained for 72 hours and if found guilty, they face up to 15 years of imprisonment. 

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