A heinous crime occurred in village Olişcani, Soldanesti district, on the morning of January 1st.  A 50-year-old man has beaten to death his concubine and then stabbed her in the chest 16 times, writes publika.md.

According to the source, the couple celebrated the New Year’s Eve with a relative, and returned home early in the morning. After committing the crime, the man called another relative and communicated them what had happened. They alerted the police afterwards.

When the police came, they found the man seriously intoxicated with alcohol.

According to him, some neighbors said the man was not violent, while others said they often witnessed various fights between the two concubines.

The police filed a criminal investigation on this case for premeditated murder.

As cited by publika.md, the police investigator from Şoldăneşti PI said: “The man partially admitted his guilt. The criminal investigation is to be carried out to establish all the circumstances of the case.”

If found guilty, the man faces up to 20 years in prison or life imprisonment.

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