An individual Răspopeni village, Şoldăneşti district fatally stabbed his own mother. He committed the crime on the 5th of December at around 17:00.

While contacted by our reporter, the press officer of the Şoldăneşti Police Inspectorate, Dina Fomin, said on Thursday, December 8th, that the police was informed by the neighbors on this criminal case. She said that the 33-year-old suspect, was under the influence of alcohol when, after causing a fight with his mother, he took the knife and struck the 55-year-old woman several times.

Dina Fomin also said that “the suspect was detained for 72 hours. He is neither married, nor employed. He comes from socially vulnerable family and was excessively using alcohol beverages.”

When asked to give the name of the suspect, Dina Fomin refused, suggesting the secrecy of personal data.

The defendant faces up to 15 years in prison.

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