A man is investigated for cultivation and storing drugs of plant origin, for marketing purposes. The suspect is 45 years old and is a resident of Călăraşi district.

According to the Press Service of the Capital Police, the security forces conducted authorized searches at his residence, where drugs were found and seized of plant origin, namely marijuana in an amount of about 1 kg and an unidentified model of gun, kept illegally. The suspect could not explain and present documents that would prove the origin of the weapon. However, he said the plant mass, dried and crushed, he prepared for marketing purpose and obtained a cash profit of about 35 000 lei. In this context, the drugs and gun found in the individual’s household, were sealed and delivered to the Center of technical -forensic and legal expertise from the General Police Inspectorate.

Currently, the suspect is investigated for illegal circulation of drugs and illegal storage of weapons and ammunition. If found guilty, the suspect can be punished by imprisonment sentence from 1 year to 6 years.

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