A 73-year-old lady was stripped of her purse by a minor, while walking on the street. The incident took place on Sunday, November 27th  on A. Hajdeu street from the capital. The total amount of prejudice is estimated at about 1,300 lei.

The police officers of Râşcani sector were informed about the incident by some passersby. They said that an old lady was stripped of her purse by an unknown person on A. Hajdeu street. The operative group went to the spot immediately.

The police established that the victim is a 73-year-old woman, residing in the capital, who said he was stripped of her purse while walking on the street. According to her, the person snatched her hand bag by surprise. There were some financial sources and two mobile phones in the bag. The minor has cause a total of material damage of about 1,300 lei.

Following the special investigative actions initiated on hot tracks just hours after committing the robbery, the police have identified a suspect. The police has thoroughly examined the footage from surveillance cameras installed near the place where the victim was robbed.

The suspect was located in Chisinau railway station, intending to leave the territory of the capital. He turned out to be a 15-year-old minor, originating from Calarasi district and was later recognized by the victim. The police found on him two pairs of keys, a mobile phone and money. The purse with identification documents, was later found discarded in a ravine.

Since the suspect has not reached the age of 18, he is investigated at large for robbery and can be punished with a fine from 4000 lei to 10 000 lei unpaid community service for 180 to 240 hours or imprisonment from 2 to 5 years.

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