Employees of the Penitentiary Department, in common with employees of Special Purpose Detachment "Pantera" and the National Investigation Inspectorate conducted several unannounced searches in detention facilities.

 According to the press release of the PID, following the raids conducted in different caches were discovered 10 mobile phones and 17 accessories for those, a WiFi modem, 90 liters of alcoholic beverage "braga" and 15 sets of cards.

 Also in prisons in Taraclia, Leova, Cricova, Cahul, Soroca, Rusca, Pruncul, Balti, Chisinau and Brăneşti were discovered 17 mobile phones and 11 accessories for them, a set of playing cards, 5 liters of alcoholic drink "braga" and 3.5 liters of "basamac", a liter of wine., 2 electric heaters, an electric kettle, a sharp object and 500 grams of dry yeast.

 The cases referred to were documented and the materials collected and sent to employees of Inspectorates Police near the detention facilities for conducting investigations and taking decisions as required by law.

 Searches are conducted daily in all prisons in the country. 

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