A Moldovan citizen was found today on the shore of river Prut by border guards in Iasi, trying to smuggle a package of anabolic substances in Romania, worth about EUR 20.000.

Surprised by border officers, he tried to flee to the territory of Moldova, ignoring verbal summons, which is why the border guards executed a warning shot.

The man was arrested and after specific checks performed, it was determined that this he is a Moldovan citizen - Ion C., aged 23 years.

Near the spot where the man was observed, border guards discovered a package wrapped in black foil, containing anabolic substances with high risk (215 vials of trenbolone, testosterone etc. and 15.700 tablets of Stanozolol, Oxaver etc.), all of them included in the list of prohibited substances.

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In the hearings, Ion C. said he was contacted by a fellow countryman who proposed him a sum of money to carry the package over the River Prut, and he will receive the payment in return in Moldova.

Currently, border guards are conducting a research for committing the crime of smuggling with serious and entering the country by illegally crossing the state border, and the total amount of goods worth on the black market in Romania about EUR 20.000 was raised to further research.

Under the agreement between Romania and Moldova, the man was handed over to the border authorities of Moldova.

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