A Moldovan citizen, 44, will spend eight years in a Belgian prison for attempted homicide. Viorica S. was found guilty of having stabbed her ex-boyfriend, Cristian B., a citizen of Romania. The crime took place on January 15, 2015. The Supreme Court of Belgium upheld the sentence, previously imposed by the Court of Appeal.

According to the Belgian media, Viorica S. lived in the city of Turnhout and worked at a restaurant. On the evening of January 15, 2015, her boyfriend sent her a farewell SMS. The woman, being intoxicated, took a knife with a blade of over 33 centimeters, hid it in her boot and went to the flat that her ex-boyfriend rented.  Seeing that he was lying in the bed, she stabbed him in the stomach and left.


Viorica S. Source: hln.be

Miraculously, the man escaped, but he had been in a coma for two weeks and underwent several surgeries.

Viorica S. said to the court that she had not intended to kill Cristian; she took the knife to defend herself, because the man had physically abused her several times.

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