A Moldovan citizen was arrested by border guards in Romania for cigarette smuggling.

Police have seized about 8.000 packets of cigarettes, transported by a car registered abroad. The man refused to stop at the control point, accelerated and then jumped out of the car, damaging the police car that blocked him.

The press service of the Border Police of Romania announces that the Moldovan citizen was caught after a border police officer followed him through a maze field, for about 2 km. The Moldovan citizen was taken into custody for 30 days for offenses of smuggling and circulating on public roads, or driving a vehicle that was not registered.

However, late last week, border guards of the Border Police of Radauti Prut Sector- I.T.P.F. Iasi organized a specific mission to fight against tobacco smuggling in the border village Cotu Miculinţi, Botosani County.

Then a Volkswagen Passat, registered in Germany, which was moving from Cotu Miculinţi to Coţuşca was ordered to stop, although initially the driver of the car slowed the car down, when he approached the border patrol police he restarted in speed. Border guards proceeded to follow the car, and soon noticed that its driver jumped from the vehicle and ran into a cornfield at the edge of the road. The fugitive was arrested by the border police patrol which followed after him, managing to retain him after about 2 km and nine packages of different sizes were found in the car. After inventory it was found that they contained 7480 packages of Ritm cigarettes with the excise stamps of Moldova.



Following the legitimacy of the man, it was established that he is a citizen of Moldova, Andrei M. aged 29, who legally entered Romania. The man said he was contacted by a fellow countryman who asked him to transport the car from the town of Cotu Miculinţi to Coţuşca and that he did not know that he was transporting cigarettes.

Following the specific checks performed by border guards, they found that the car in question appears removed from circulation since 2014.

The cigarettes, worth MDL 84.862, and the Volkswagen Passat car worth MDL 8.000, were unavailable for continuing the research.

Judge of rights and freedoms within Darabani Court ordered preventive custody for a period of 30 days.

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