Gheorghe Vacaru, originating from Moldova, brutally murdered his boss in 2007, a39-year-old Italian from Cannaregio, a Venetian province. The Moldovan citizen was sentenced in 2010 by the Italian Republic to 39 years in prison for the committed crime, and in 2014 was transferred to Moldova in order to serve the sentence. According to Italian media, Gheorghe Vacaru is currently at large. publication writes that on March 22nd 2007, the farmer Giampaolo Granzo, was found dead with his hands and feet tied behind his back and with a deep wound in the head, as a result of a blow with a metal crowbar. The man had been suffocated with a cloth, which was put into his mouth, for him not to be able to call for help.

Following ADNE investigations and the evidence found at the crime scene, it was found that the killer is Gheorghe Vacaru. The Moldovan citizen acted with an accomplice, whose identity has not been established. According to the Italian media, Vacaru killed his employer for 80 000 euros, a sum which he hoped to find at Granzo’s place, as a result, he only found jewelry and a thousand euros.

Gheorghe Vacaru was transferred to Moldova in 2014, to serve his sentence but was soon released. The details or reasons of why he is free, are not known at the present time. It is only known that the young man escaped from prison and is in possession of a mobile phone.

The wife of the deceased told the journalists that she is living a never ending nightmare and is horrified by what happened. The woman had tried unsuccessfully to return the financial damage, but couldn’t even find out in what prison Vacaru was detained. The  woman's lawyer describes what happened as an "international joke", he emphasizes that the Moldovan citizen did not pay one euro and that his permanent address was not to be found.

The prosecutors from Venice took this case over. 

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