The Moldovan citizen, Victor Fedorovici, together with three citizens of Tajikistan - Tamerlan Țeceoev, Abror Haidarov, Hismattul Naimov, received  arrest warrants until February 14th,  2017. reports that members of terrorist group plead innocent. The same source says that Viktor Fedorovici said during the hearing, that he bought an automatic weapon for some Muhamed, whom he met through a social network.

Abror Haidarov, another member of the group, stated that he is a simple man and that he neither bought nor sold anything. Haidarov also said that he worked for three months as a taxi driver and he did not know why he was detained. He also said that he had a negative attitude towards the Islamic State.

According to the investigation, the individuals arrested, would have passed a training in the Islamic State camps. They were suspected of offenses under the articles "preparing a terrorist attack" and "illegal manufacture of bombs."

Please note that recently, the Federal Security Service (FSS) of Russia has detained the four individuals, who were planning to commit a series of large-scale terrorist attacks in Moscow, using explosive devices with high capacity.

The attacks were prepared on the order of an Islamic State emissary, who is hiding in Turkey and is currently sought by the authorities of Tajikistan.

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