A Moldovan citizen was arrested involving seven gunshots at the border. The man tried to illegally cross the river Prut with over 185 thousand cigarettes worth over 100 thousand lei.

The employees of the Border Police conducted several activities in countering smuggling. The activities took place last weekend in the area of responsibility of Lipcani Border Police Sector.

According to the press service of the Border Police, the investigation officers of the Regional Directorate North have initiated investigation on the area of responsibility of Lipcani Border Police Sector. On the evening of November 18th , at around 19.30 PM, the Border Police officers noticed a car close to the line border. The patrol intervened to detain the means of transport and the people in it. During the ambush, the people have been warned verbally to stop by the border guards, but they dismissed the orders trying to flee, taking advantage of the darkness and the land abundant in vegetation. The Border Police employees have used weapons, and namely seven gunshots have been fired, resulting in the arrest of a 27-year-old Moldovan, resident of the village Cotelea, Briceni district. The others have dispersed in different directions, and fled from the spot.

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There were found six parcels of 8000 packs of cigarettes branded “Ritm” and 1250 packs of cigarettes branded “Plugaru” with Moldovan excise stamps, in their Opel car, registered in Lithuania. The entire quantity of cigarettes, with a total value of 100 thousand euros, was confiscated together with the means of transport, and deposited at the Regional Directorate North.

The detained young man provided details about his accomplices and other details on how they conducted the offenses. Currently, it is known the identity of the four other people who might be involved in the case. 

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