Several Moldovan and Romanian citizens were arrested in the morning of June 18 in Italy, within an operation called "Vampires". The suspects, members of criminal groups, committed a series of robberies in several Italian provinces.

According to the Italian press, 23 people, members of 3 criminal groups, were arrested in the "Vampire" operation. They are accused of robbery, theft, concealment of stolen goods, possession of drugs and illegal possession of weapons.

In the period between February 2017 and June 2018, the suspects committed thefts and broke houses, stores and companies in various provinces. They made up three different criminal groups: one consisting of Albanians, another of Romanians and Moldovans, and the third of Moldovan and Kosovo citizens. The groups were interconnected, coordinating their criminal activities. The offenses also occasionally involved citizens of other countries, including Italians.

The key member of the criminal groups was an Italian citizen, who indicated the places, where robberies could be committed. He was also in charge of the sale of stolen goods.

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