Six Moldovans and a Syrian will face the court for smuggling, money laundering, and putting fake banknotes into circulation.

According to the prosecutors, five Moldovans are from Taraclia and sixth from Ceadar-Lunga. The seven suspects are aged 20 to 42.

The suspects are accused of smuggling over 17,400 euros into the Republic of Moldova, money stolen from the European Union. The suspects tried to introduce fake banknotes into ATMs in the European Union, but detecting that the money was forged, the ATMs' systems pigmented the banknotes with red paint.

Seeing that the ATMs in EU countries do not receive fake banknotes, the accused brought them to the Republic of Moldova. Here, they opened an improvised laboratory in an apartment in Chisinau, where, with the help of different chemicals, they washed the banknotes of paint and prepared them for circulation.

The perpetrators were detained while washing the banknotes.

If found guilty, they risk up to 15 years of imprisonment.

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