One of the largest criminal groups, formed mostly of Moldovan citizens, has been detained in Moscow. The group used the Google Maps application to identify their potential victims and penetrate into their homes.

According to, the group of 10 people has been monitored by the regional police agencies. Following an extensive and well- planned action, the case was transferred to the investigation department of the Interior Ministry of Russia.

The suspects admitted they did not know the victims, or the owners of the villas they plundered. They confessed to have used Google Maps, which through satellites and panoramas shows all the rich houses. Also, the suspects revealed the investigators details of their work.

They preferred villas situated near the forests, because in such a way it was difficult to follow them, the destination was studied by GPS, as well as the route of withdrawal after the burglary. The criminals looked for houses that were not situated in private areas but had swimming pools, for them, the backyard pool was an obvious sign of wealth.

The arrested persons are accused of about 10 robberies committed in the suburb of Moscow and Tver. The last robbery was committed on October 18, in the small village of Gorki, Leninsk region, Moscow. Through Google Maps the criminals chose a villa with a pool and mounted a surveillance camera in the bushes near the house. During the burglary, the individuals tied the guardian, an old woman and her granddaughter who were in the villa. The suspects stole weapons, valuables and cash amounting to 2 million rubles.

This attack involved the entire criminal group and their accomplices from Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova. Those involved hoped to obtain a more valuable profit, but they did not take into account that the house owners do not keep their money at home. As a result, each participant to the crime got 200 thousand rubles.

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