Some of the Moldovans involved in the robbery of 17 paintings stolen in November of last year from a museum in Verona, Italy, were sentenced with imprisonment.

The trial started today in Verona and the prosecutor requested a total of 33 years in prison for those involved in the robbery: 3 people from Italy and 9 from Moldova.

The Italian Court sentenced Damascus Denis, who is also an Italian citizenship holder, with three years and four months in prison, Anatolie Bachelor with one year and eight months, and Victor Potinga will be five years behind bars. Svetlana Tkachuk, who is holding Ukrainian citizenship and is considered the organizer of this scheme, received six years and two months of imprisonment. According all these people are accused of armed robbery and kidnapping people. The rest of Moldovans involved in the robbery, will undergo trial in our country.

The paintings with an estimated value of over 20 million euros, were found in May in a forest from Odessa region in Ukraine, and they have not been returned to Italy yet.

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Among these paintings there are some works of Rubens, Tintoretto, Belini, Pisanello, Mantegna etc. As stated by the paintings are stuck there because of the diplomatic crisis and ongoing wars. Ukrainian authorities promise to return them this month,  and this may be done by the President Pyotr Poroshenko himself.

In November 2015, the Italian police informed the General Inspectorate of Police about the fact that a group of Moldovans entered the Verona Castelvecchio Museum and stole 17 paintings. As a result of measures taken, several Moldovans were detained, both in Moldova and Italy. Around 20 searches were carried out in both countries, and as a result, enough evidence was found proving their guilt. 

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