The law enforcement bodies of the self- proclaimed Transnistrian Republic were notified 213 times about various crimes and offenses, during the last week. According to the Transnistrian militia,  in 155 cases  the guilty people were identified in 24 hours.

The press service of the militia states that there were registered two cases of armed robbery (both discovered on hot traces), a case of causing grievous bodily harm (the suspect was identified), a case of extorting bribes (identified), four robberies, 49 theft (14 were discovered). There have also been documented six cases of drug marketing and two economic crimes. Militia have detained eight people in search.

3 car accidents occurred during the same period of time, after which one person died and two others were hospitalized in very serious condition. The patrol militia documented 1563 cases of violation of traffic rules, and detained 34 drunk drivers.

On the territory of the self -proclaimed Transnistrian Republic there were registered 11 fires without any casualties, also last week.

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