A criminal group specialized on human trafficking and drug dealing was detained by the National Inspectorate of Investigations officers.

The group leader is the Russian citizen (31 years old) previously convicted in Russia for extremist actions. The 5 citizens of Moldova were his accomplices. The suspect traveled only with the rented cars after entering Moldova and used the fake driving license with the changed identity.

From the end of 2015 until now, the group members recruited Moldovans aged between 18 and 35 years as couriers. At the destination point the victims were involved in the criminal activities of the drugs transportation and selling in Russia.

Victims opened personal bank accounts for the “salaries”: they were paid 250-400 dollars per week.

According to the officers, the method of infraction is the exclusive one in our country: the group members communicated with the victims only by phones with internet access, through the specially designed software that was automatically deleting calls and messages history. So the victims haven’t seen the group members.

After several investigations and prosecutions, the group leader was arrested in Chisinau during the meeting with an undercover officer. The police established that he rented two apartments in Chisinau: in one he lived, in another one he kept things used for criminal activity.

By the time officers identified about 50 people from Moldova, recruited by this group and involved in the criminal activity. 12 of them are currently detained by the Russian Federation police, and one was already convicted.

The authorities in collaboration with the Directorate of Law and Consular Relations of the MFAEI, the representatives of OSCE in Moldova and the IOM, as well as other international organizations are taking the necessary steps to repatriate those people that have the status of the human trafficking victims.

There was initiated a criminal case due the fact of human trafficking committed by the organized criminal group. If they are found guilty they can be jailed up to 20 years.

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