The mother and daughter, found dead in a forest in the Soroca district, were beaten and burned alive. At the same time, the suspect would have raped the minor victim, prior to burning her.

At a press conference, Igor Zglavuţă, the head of the General Police Inspectorate, said that the victims did not know the suspect previously.

"The two stopped the young man's car and asked him to take them to a settlement near Soroca. During the journey, a conflict arose between the woman and the defendant. The two tried to flee, but the young man ran after them. He first caught the woman. The young man beat her and ran away after her daughter. When he caught her, he would have hit her, and then he would have raped her. After that, the young man burned the victims while they were still alive," Zglavuţă said.

On the scene, the law enforcement officials found two charred bodies in the advanced putrefaction state and several burnt clothes.

omor soroca

"The suspect was detained yesterday for a period of 72 hours. Tomorrow, the prosecutors will ask for the suspect to be placed in custody. Previously, he was suspected of robbery, but he could not be found guilty. "

The body of the 15-year-old and her mother, aged 42, were found in early August in a forest strip near the village Dumbrăveni, Soroca district, one kilometer away from each other.

According to the police, the two victims are of gipsy origin.

If found guilty, the suspect risks life imprisonment.

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