The mother of the young man that was found dead under the wheels of a car on 2 August 2016 in Zabriceni, Edinet, said in a press conference that she could not obtain justice in this case and that the culprit was not punished.

According to the woman, on 2 August, at 3 a.m., Bacanov Artur burst into her house, being intoxicated, he forced her 26-year-old son out of the house, knowing that the latter received that day a large sum of money. That night, Bacanov took the young man to all the bars in Edinet and at 4:30 am, the young man was found dead under Bacanov’s car.

The woman claims that the young man was still alive, but Bacanov did not call the police or the ambulance, on the contrary, he fled the scene. The mother of the young man says she has witnesses who saw how he fled from the scene. According to the woman, Bacanov was taken away by police from home, but he paid money to hide all the facts of which he was suspected.

She claims that in this case the process lasts for two months, but the individual was not punished, and she cannot obtain justice. According to her, the police are trying to prove that the young man killed himself, and the money was lost. On the other hand, the woman claims that the money was stolen by Bacanov. A police officer walked through the village to find witnesses who could confirm that the young man lost the money himself.

The police say they have no evidence in this case. The young man’s mother, however, claims she has witnesses who saw how her son was taken out of the house, witnesses who saw Bacanov flee from the accident scene, but so far they have not been called to hearings.

She also added that the police officers had to take all the prints at the scene of the crime or in the morgue, the officers came to take her son’s fingerprints when he was already in the coffin and asked everyone present to leave the room.

She said police officers are also hiding data from the death certificate, which indicated that the young man suffered fractures of legs and other parts of the body to prove that the young man was actually driving the car and that killed himself. The young man's mother says that in this case her son would have had a sign on his chest, but there was none.

According to the woman, two months passed, but nothing has been decided yet because they are searching for witnesses to testify in favor of Bacanov, and her witnesses have not been heard yet, she added that she received the Court summons too late.

Moreover, according to her, Bacanov was in Moscow and Moldova, and to escape responsibility in Moscow, he changed his name from Sirma to Bacanov.

She said that if the case is not settled, she would seek justice at the ECHR.

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