Tragic event in the capital. A young man aged 30 years was shot dead on 2 October at around 1:30, the event happened on Pushkin Street near the intersection with 31 August, 1989.

Following the murder, there were detained four people, aged between 20 and 24 years, for a period of 72 hours. Two suspects are from the Odessa region and the other two are residents of the capital.

Adrian Jovmir, head of press service of the Directorate for Police in Chisinau, said in a press briefing that the tragedy occurred at around 1:30, but police had been informed only at 02:00. According to the source, the conflict began near a place where the assailants were having fun. At one point, they started altercations and hard lines after the victim took the gun and tried to defend himself, but one of the assailants took his gun and made three shots in his direction. Unfortunately, the young man died from serious injuries received. His friend, who was with him, was savagely beaten.

In this case were submitted two versions: One is that the young man was shot by one of the four assailants, and the second - that he would have shot himself. Police will investigate the case to establish the exact circumstances in which the incident occurred, communicates

According to the police, attackers intended to hide traces of the crime and threw the gun on the roof of a block of flats in the capital. At the same time, by 09.40 at the exit line through the crossing point Palanca was presented a bus with regular route Chisinau - Odessa, and among travelers was detected the first wanted person, a Ukrainian citizen of 24 years. Over two hours, also in this checkpoint and bus route that would be Chisinau - Odessa, were identified while planning to leave the Moldovan territory, a Ukrainian of 20 years, and a male of 48 years.

"All persons have been detained, we have initiated the process of documentation and is to submit statements on the case. Police found the gun from which three shots were made. It was hidden on the roof of a block of flats in the capital. The reason for the conflict is unusual - an exchange of words between the victim and one of the assailants. Followed by violence, the victim was with a friend who was brutally beaten. Police will determine who actually shot towards the victim. The victim was with his friends near a booth. It is not excluded that other people could be involved in this incident, "said Adrian Jovmir.

People who are found guilty of this crime risk up to 15-20 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment.

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