Following the searches, police officers found used syringes with traces of blood, tools, used to prepare heroin and a till foil packet containing a gram of heroin.

Raids on the office of an official, serving in the Center District Administration of the capital, were held on Friday, November 25 this year, while the official was selling heroin in his office. 

The suspect is Alexandru Ciobanu, a specialist in the department of housing and communal services of the Centre District Administration of Chisinau. The official, aged 28, was handcuffed by Special Forces officers just in front of the Administration building.

According to the police, not only was Ciobanu involved in drug distribution, but he also consumed drugs at the workplace. 

Sources in the Police Inspectorate told for CrimeMoldova that the official used to sell heroin for 2,400 lei per gram. Before his detention, an undercover officer made a test purchase.

The same sources communicated us that investigation officers surveilled the official for a month.

Thus, at the moment of detention, police found on him about 0.5 grams of solid substance similar to heroin. Currently, the suspect is arrested for 30 days. Previously, he was sentenced for similar offenses.

If found guilty, the official risks a prison term of 7-15 years.

Previously, several government organizations and officers of law enforcement bodies stated that the situation with drug dealing in Moldova is serious, more and more often, the schemes involve civil servants, including law enforcements. Several police officers, doctors and even teachers have been detained for drug dealing.  

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