Alexandru Ciobanu, a specialist of Housing and Communal Services Department of Chisinau Centre District, was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking. The man, 28, was handcuffed by Special Forces just in front of the administration building, on Friday, November 25.

Sources in the police department communicated for CrimeMoldova that the official allegedly sold heroin for a sum of two thousand lei per gram. Prior to the detention, an undercover officer made a test purchase.

The same sources reveal that the investigators had surveilled the official for about a month. When arrested, the suspect had several doses of heroin ready for sale on him.

Alexandru Ciobanu has been detained for 72 hours and faces up to 15 years of imprisonment.

Previously, numerous government organizations and officers of law enforcement bodies stated that the situation with drug trafficking is very grave in Moldova, the schemes involve more and more civil servants, including law enforcements. Lately,  several police officers, doctors and even teachers have been detained for drug marketing.

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