One of the most influential pimps in Moldova was arrested yesterday by officers of the Center for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, in cooperation with prosecutors, writes for which the information was confirmed by the head of the institution, Iurie Podarilov.

According to the source, the man detained is about 35 years old and coordinates VIP prostitution for over 10 years. Currently he has "subordinated" 11 prostitutes who charge fees from EUR 100 per hour.

The man held criminal activity even if he had the status of both accused and defendant in several criminal cases initiated on his behalf.

His arrest took place following special investigative continuation of measures that were undertaken during this period.

According to Podrilov, for the first time, the investigative measures envisaged and its financial activity, the law enforcement by attachment of his property.

The man has been detained since coming out of his house and is now in prison cell of the Capital Police.

More details about this event will be provided by Iurie Podarilov during a press conference that will take place in about a week.

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