A foreign citizen is documented for smuggling alcohol in large proportions.

Border Service announced that alcohol would be sold in the Community space, Moldova being used as a transit country.

Withholding took place in Giurgiulesti-Galati border post, following the verification of operational information on contraband of alcoholic products held by a group of foreigners.

The goods were transported by a Greek citizen, aged 35, driver of a passengers bus, traveling on the route Russian Federation - Greece.

The vehicle came to Moldova through the border post Giurgiulesti-Reni, being later monitored by specialized services of Border employees to post Giurgiulesti-Galati, where they intervined for retaining and inspection.

In the physical control of the bus, officers of investigations have found, hidden in special places in his car, 1.260 bottles of vodka of brands "Hortita" and "Hlebnii Dar" with excise stamps of Ukraine.

People involved will be attracted to liability under applicable law, also there was initiated an internal investigation to determine the possible involvement of border officers in this crime. 

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