Former First Deputy Prosecutor General, Andrei Pantea, admitted his guilt in the case that accused him of excess of duties by transferring the charges against Grigore Caramalac to the Russian Federation. writes that Vitalie Galeru, the prosecutor who handles the case, confirmed the information.

The prosecution changed the charges filed against Pantea, which falls under the Law on amnesty. 

However, the prosecutor asks the court to deprive Pantea of the right to hold public office for a term of 3 years. The prosecutor told for the source said that Andrei Pantea admitted to have instructed his subordinates to resume unjustified prosecution of two cases against Caramalac.

Vitalie Galeru believes that Pantea’s actions caused substantial damage to the general interest of the society, in particular, denied access to justice and order, which damaged the reputation of the Prosecution Office, leaving a negative impact on the credibility of this public authority. 

The prosecutor ordered modification of charges from "acting ultra vires", into the offense, provided by Article 303, paragraph 3, which refers to "interference into justice and prosecution," the source cited above notes.

Recall that anticorruption prosecutors arrested Andrei Pantea on October 11, 2016 and November 25 last year, the criminal accusation was sent to trial.

Initially, Andrei Pantea pleaded not guilty and claimed to be the victim of revenge on behalf of the Head of Anticorruption Prosecution Office, Viorel Morari. 

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