The police detained on January 3, 2017, two men suspected of the murder of two shepherds, committed at a sheepfold near Orhei on New Year's Eve.

The detained young men, aged 19 and 21, are from the village of Bulboaca, Anenii Noi District.

Being questioned by police, they admitted their guilt, claiming the murder occurred after a quarrel that sparked spontaneously while they were consuming alcohol.

The young men also said that having committed the crime, having the intention to conceal the evidence of the crime, they buried at a distance of several hundred meters from the place of the murder, the mobile phone that belonged to one of the victims, a hammer and other objects used to commit the crime.

The suspects have been detained for 72 hours, being investigated for intentional homicide. They risk a prison term of up to 20 years or life imprisonment.




According to, the suspects were also shepherds at a nearby sheepfold and had been previously detained and sentenced for thefts.

The head of the Directorate to fight against serious crimes under the National Inspectorate of Investigation, Igor Zglavuta, told for the source that one of the shepherds had been hit in the head with an ax and the second with a three-litter- jar of scraps. Both blows were fatal.

"They began to celebrate the New Year together. At a certain moment, a row broke out, as one of the hosts was not very gracious to the guests. The quarrel arouse between the victims, while the suspects intervened to appease them. However, as they were drunk, things got confused and mortal blows were inflicted. The two suspects had brought a bottle of champagne with them, but later, in their attempt to hide the traces of their presence, they went away, taking the champagne back. They agreed not to confess to the crime," Zglavuta said, quoted by managed to obtain from their sources within the investigation pictures of the victims, of the crime scene and of the suspects in custody (note, the images can affect you emotionally).

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Recall that on January 1 this year, the police found the bodies of 2 shepherds, aged 37 and 48, at a sheepfold in the village of Malaiesti, Orhei Ditrict. After the examination, the coroner found that the men's death occurred following several blows to the head.

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