A man was caught red-handed by the officers of General Inspectorate of Police and Prosecution for Organized Crime and Special Cases, while intending to sell ammunition in particularly large quantities for a sum of 3,200 euros (68,000 lei).

The man was detained in Chisinau, while trying to sell explosives to an undercover officer. The man had 29 packages of TNT of 200 grams each, two grenades, 4 packages of TNT with wick, an electric detonator and a cell phone. According to the statement, issued by the GPI, the ammunition was seized and sent to the Explosive Technical Center under the Technical Department of Forensic and Legal Expertise, General Inspectorate of Police.

Ruslan Petrusenco, Head of Special Operations Directorate of the National Inspectorate of Investigation, informed that the ammunition had been brought from the Transnistrian region. The investigation established the post of internal control, through which the ammunition had been brought into the country. As a result, all the employees of the internal control post were escorted to the Prosecution Office, where they were questioned. 

The targeted employees are working at the Criuleni customs point. In accordance with Art. 329, involving negligence, a criminal case was initiated with respect to all of them.

Alexandru Caraman, the prosecutor investigating the case, said that the batch of about 6 kg of TNT is the largest seizure of this kind in Moldova. "You can imagine what could have happened, if it got into the hands of third parties. Actions are currently caring out to determine whether there are other munitions, held by the person concerned. The charges are submitted to the court to issue an arrest warrant," Caraman said.

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The man was detained in accordance with articles 166 of the Criminal Procedure Code. A motion will be submitted to the court to request remand for a period of 30 days.

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If the explosives had undergone detonation, they could have destroyed three nine-storied buildings; and if the 29 packages of TNT had been used to make a homemade device, the impact would have affected hundreds of people.

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