The criminal Petronel Corduneanu, one of the leaders of the Corduneanu criminal clan in Iasi, was detained on the night of February 1 by the Israeli prosecutors.

According to Ziarul de Iasi, he is accused of blackmail and loan sharking, being detained for 24 hours.

These days, Petronel was to find out his final sentence in the clan's pickpocketing case, in which he received 14 years of imprisonment.

The detention was carried out by the Criminal Investigation Service.

The Corduneanu clan began its activity in the late 1990s, in the shadow of some big Romanian clans, such as the group of "loan sharks" or the empire of "Clamparu". The criminal group was created by Constantin Corduneanu, aka Costel, who had been an Olympic athlete representing Romania in freestyle wrestling.

The Cordunians began their activity in the criminal world in 2000.

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