A doctor, working in the Republican Narcological Dispensary of Chisinau, is in grave condition in the emergency unit after having been beaten with metal tubes by patients of the dispensary.

Petru Cravet, spokesperson of the Emergency Hospital confirmed for CrimeMoldova that such a patient was brought to them. 

"The doctor was brought to the hospital on Thursday, December 8, at around 4.00 p.m. The victim was in coma. There was a large wound in the head and he was bleeding. The patient was placed in intensive care unit and is still there, " Cravet said.

"Currently, the patient came out of the coma; he is conscious and breathing independently. His condition is improving. The patient will continue to receive the necessary medical care," Craveta added.

Ministry of Health condemns acts of violence against medical personnel. The institution has initiated a working group, consisting of several doctors and union representatives that will develop a regulation on toughening security measures in medical institutions. 

Representatives of the Ministry of Health state that the Republican Narcological Dispensary treats patients with specific health problems, including psychosis, and health care workers of such institutions are particularly at risk of being aggressed, as it happened in this case.

Police were unavailable to provide details about the case.

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