Police officers detained several members of groups, specialized in smuggling and drug trafficking within the country, as well as in drug dealing in particularly large amounts.  

The police officers surveilled the groups for two months and carried out 27 searches. As a result, on November 25, they detained 11 people, members of 3 criminal groups, aged between 20 and 35 years, residing temporarily in Chisinau and its suburbs.

A civil servant, senior specialist of the Chisinau Centre District administration, who was selling drugs, especially heroin, was among those detained. He was arrested in the act of selling doses of heroin at the intersection of bd. Stefan cel Mare and Bulgarian Street.

Following the searches, police officers found and seized about 0.5 grams of heroin-like solid substance, mobile phones and other objects that will serve as evidence in the criminal case. To demonstrate his guilt, a test purchase was made, an undercover investigator bought a dose of heroin from him. The official sold a gram of heroin at the price of 2,400 lei. He had been previously convicted of offenses relating to drugs circulation.

Another group of five people, dealing amphetamine, has been detained.  This criminal group includes a director and owner of a fitness facility in Buiucani District of Chisinau and a cashier of another gym in Botanica District.
They marketed drugs to the customer of sports facilities.  Several doses of amphetamine, cannabis, money, mobile phones, radio stations and other objects for criminal activity have been found following the searches, carried out in the gyms and in the homes of the suspects.

Five other people have been detained for drug marketing in places of entertainment. Investigative actions concerned a group of people, including foreigners, who carried out criminal activities in one of the facilities, located in a shopping center of Chisinau. Three foreigners of Arab origin had been earlier detained. Police officers found doses of marijuana, money, coming from drug dealing amounting to 75 000 lei, and other items, used in offenses. Following the actions, carried out by security forces on November 25, a former waiter, who sold narcotics, was detained in the entertainment facility. He had ecstasy pills on him, planning to sell them.

In total, the police seized various drugs, such as heroin, amphetamine, cannabis, ecstasy pills, worth over 30 000 lei and money amounting to over 150 000 lei.

According to the General Inspectorate of Police, nine people were detained for 72 hours. The request for the application of a 30 day-remand has to be submitted to court. Two people are investigated at large.

Those found guilty of "illegal circulation of drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues, having no purpose of alienation" face up a prison term of 7-15 years.

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