Members of a criminal group have been detained for smuggling and illicit domestic drug trafficking in extremely large amounts.

According to a statement, issued by the General Inspectorate of Police (GIP), seven people, aged between 22 and 31, residing in Criuleni, were detained by the competent authorities for marketing ecstasy pills in recreational places.

The group had been monitored from November to December. A test purchase was made in the course of investigations - an investigator purchased 20 ecstasy pills from the suspects.

An ecstasy pill was sold for 150-200 lei.

Subsequently, two people transporting 500 ecstasy pills were detained at the entrance to Chisinau, in Calea Ieşilor Street. They intended to give the pills for sale to the people that had already been detained by police.

Following 17 searches, carried out in the homes of the suspects, the police found and seized more than 900 ecstasy pills worth over 150 000 lei, as well as objects for consumption of marijuana by inhalation, a sachet  with marijuana, money from the sale of drugs, mobile phones and other objects that will serve as evidence in the criminal case.

Currently, the group members have been detained for 72 hours and are to appear before the court, as the prosecution requests a remand of 30 days.

A criminal case was initiated with this respect. If the suspects are found guilty, they could face a prison sentence of 7-15 years.

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