London police arrested several members of a criminal group, specialized in thefts from ATMs, writes Members of the group were found to be Romanian citizens, who committed thefts from more than 51 ATMs in the UK.

Criminals infected with viruses the ATMs, and later, with the help of accomplices, collected the money. The group worked in Bognor Regis, Liverpool, Brighton, London and Portsmouth.

According to the source, members of the criminal group are Romanian citizens. According to the British police, the group had been involved in the theft of about 2 million dollars. The highest amount - 1.3 million pounds, was stolen from a single operation during the holidays in the spring of 2014. This transaction was the one that brought police on the trail of the group.

The virus used by criminals enabled them to withdraw large amounts of cash, and after that, the virus was removed from the ATM.

The group chose to work on less secure ATMs, allowing changes to the destination.

At one point, according to the source, the group members became less attentive, and one of them, a Romanian citizen, Grigore Paladi was recorded by a hidden camera installed on one of the ATMs. Paladi was arrested in late 2014 and several months later, he was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment.

His accomplice and countryman, Teofil Bortos, who was responsible for the choice of ATMs, was arrested in July 2015 while trying to cross the border. In court he admitted his guilt and was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment.

On 20 September, Romanian police arrested another member of the group, based on an order of the British police. The person detained proved to be Emanuil Leahu, another accomplice of Bortos and Paladi. Leahu was extradited to Britain, where he is accused of complicity in the crime of extortion.

According to the source, two other members of the group are at large.

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