The criminal case against an inhabitant of Anenii Noi District, aged 48, who sexually abused two underage sisters, was sent to trial.

Prosecution to Combat Organized Crime and Special Cases completed the investigation. According to the indictment, in the period of 2014 -2016, the defendant recruited two minor sisters from a socially vulnerable background, accommodated them in a relative's house under the pretense of taking care of them. However, in reality, the defendant sexually abused the victims, luring them with gifts.

Further, obtaining the victims’ parental consent, the accused took one of the girls to the Russian Federation, where she was subjected to sexual exploitation. He made some pornographic filming of her during discussions through the Internet.

The defendant was arrested at his home in Anenii Noi District by the prosecutors and officers of the Centre to Combat Trafficking in Persons. He is currently held in custody.

If found guilty of child trafficking, enticement of minors for sexual purposes, sexual activities with minors and child pornography, the defendant risks a long prison term.

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