Five men detained and three laboratories for cannabis growth liquidated by the Prosecutor's Office and GIP.

The General Prosecutor's  Office announces the arrest of five members of an organized criminal group specialized in production, storage, transportation and trade of drugs in Moldova.

The detention was realized by prosecutors and the officers of the General Inspectorate of Police in the town where suspects born and live, Cahul.

By the searches in suspects’ homes the prosecutors and the police detected and liquidated three modern laboratories for cultivating cannabis with capillary system of irrigation, fertilizers, electronic temperature regulation for the growth at a time record. They found also 24 vases with cannabis, seeds and about 3 kg of dry cannabis ready for trade, devices for drugs use, psychotropic and anabolic pills, digital devices for measurement, envelopes and money obtained by selling drugs.

The operation consisted of a control purchase of 100 grams of cannabis. A member of the group sold it at the price of 7000 lei. It total the group could get about 7 kg of dry plants valued at approximatively 500 000 lei. 

The detainees are between 35 and 45 years and there is a lawer among them. He figures as a member of a criminal group and drug user who had the intention to install a similar lab at his home.

Prosecutors are to accuse the suspects and require arrest permits.

The investigation of the criminal case continues for the detection of all members of the group and bringing them to responsibility according to the law.

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