Prohibited substances were to reach persons in detention.

 On 22 September 2016, after checking a food parcel for a detainee in a bag with prunes, employees of Prison No.11-Balti, have found a solid brown substance, like hashish, hidden within the plums.

 Prunes with alleged drugs were to reach a prisoner aged 20, sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment, informs the public relations and media department of the PID.

 Another case was registered the same day at Prison No. 5 in Cahul. At the crossing and control point of the detention center, the husband of a prisoner was supposed to have a brief meeting with her. As a result of body search, the officials discovered MDL 487 in his pants.

 Another illegality was registered after midnight in Prison No. 18 in Brăneşti. Unknown people have thrown over the walls of the detention center a spherical object wrapped with tape. Following the raising of it, inside the object, services employees discovered shredded vegetable mass similar with marijuana and a SIM card.

 About these cases were informed immediately the employees in the radius of dislocation of the  Police  Inspectorates detention facilities for conducting investigations and taking decisions as required by law.

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