A 71-year-old woman has been beaten and raped by her adoptive son. The case took place in the village of Bratuleni, Nisporeni district.

The head of the Public Security Department of the Nisporeni Police Inspectorate, Gheorghe Bargan, told for CrimeMoldova that the incident took place on the evening of Wednesday, June 14 between 7: 00-9:00 p.m. "The 39-year-old man came home drunk, locked the door, beat the woman and raped her," Bargan said.

At the same time, according to law enforcers, the man forced his mother to give him oral sex.

"The next morning, the woman went to the local social worker, who informed the police of the case. The suspect was detained for 72 hours, and today, the decision on a 30-day preventive measure is to be taken in his respect. He has been heard and acknowledges his guilt. The defendant has no criminal record," the quoted source said.

According to the information provided, the woman had adopted the man, when he was just one year old. At the same time, she has other children, who are currently working abroad. When the suspect came of age, he also went to work in the Russian Federation and he returned home in February this year. Having no home of his own, the man came to live with his mother. They lived alone, as the woman's husband had died. The suspect has never been married and has no children. It should be noted that, according to local authorities, it was not a socially vulnerable family and they never abused of alcohol.

Law enforcers have initiated a criminal case based on Art. 171. b2) rape against a family member by satisfying sexual desire in perverse forms. At the same time, police intend to prosecute the suspect for deprivation of liberty.

If found guilty, the suspect risks up to 12 years of imprisonment. 

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