Tiraspol City Court of the self-proclaimed Transnistrian republic sentenced Valeri Gofman, aged 53, resident of Bender, to eight years of imprisonment and confiscation of all his property. He was found guilty of counterfeiting and circulating false banknotes.

As established by investigation, Gofman, previously convicted, started to spread counterfeit banknotes in 2015. The law enforcement bodies found in his home 50 banknotes worth 25 Transnistrian rubles (2.2 dollars) and other 9 banknotes with different values.

According to forensic examination, the banknotes were made of one ruble banknotes by washing the image and applying the image of 25 rubles.

Gofman was arrested on 13 November. During his detention, he tried to discard the wallet with counterfeit banknotes. Later, he imitated fainting, for which he was taken to hospital. In the course of investigation, Gofman fully admitted his guilt.

He will serve his sentence in top security prison.
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